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  • February Blog
    Well, it's dental month in our line of work - so don't forget to take advantage of our free dental exams and bags of prescribed food, that means both cats and Read more
  • If the tooth be known
                  This post month I have re-learnt the amazing impact that sore infected teeth have. I guess chronic pain from any source is a Read more
  • Slowing Down the Aging Process of the Brain
    Since our pets are living longer now (cats 16-22 yrs, dogs 15 yrs or so!) we are seeing more patients with older brains! Once all other physical organ problems are Read more
  • Food For Thought
    Pet Food Myths: Busted!I can’t get nutrition off my mind since attending the conference early February. It opened my eyes, and hopefully yours too!“Had a recall” is NOT a bad Read more
  • Teeth, Ticks and Treats
    February is well under-way, soon it will be March, wow! Depending on the weather we may have to start tick prevention soon. They come out when it is above 3*C Read more
  • Keeping Fit When You're Froze
    Between ice and cold weather, our pets (and us!) have been “hunkering down”. This does lead to some of our pets really feeling the pain of any arthritis, becoming more Read more
  • Christmas Time
    Merry Christmas Everyone! We're fast approaching the famous December day. Hope you saw us marching in the parade with the real dogs all lit up and jingly, and the pretend Read more
  • New information on Lyme and Leptospirosis Disease
    Some new knowledge just came to us via an evening lecture by the chief of the Animal Medical Centre in New York. Dr. Goldstein specializes in the infectious diseases of Lyme and Read more
  • Swimming, Swimming
    What better way to beat the heat?  Dogs, people, even some cats enjoy it!  The water this year seems clean and now warm in rivers, lakes and pools and mostly Read more
  • BOOM, CLAP, The sound of my heart..
    Three cheers for that summer weather! Finally! Shorts and t-shirts, long evenings, boating, swimming and - thunderstorms!Is your pet one to handle them calmly, or is there a serious phobia? Read more