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Well, it's dental month in our line of work - so don't forget to take advantage of our free dental exams and bags of prescribed food, that means both cats and dogs! The link between oral health and long life is well documented. 

If you are one of the lucky ones travelling south, AND your pet is allowed to come, we have a few nice natural ways to help them cope with associated anxiety, There are pheromones (smells we can't smell but they can ) that give off a happy message, natural supplements in liquid and chewable tablet form. There are also of course stronger medications but they must be prescribed after the knowledge of the pet's whole health is determined. Don't neglect the anti- parasite medication - the south has lots of fleas, mosquito's carrying heartworm disease, ticks and other creepies!

Finally, after being at the annual conference, I am feeling very proactive about removing any tumour's before BIG issues happen. Rule of thumb - if it's pea sized or bigger, has been there for more than a month, get it sampled. A needle sample is often going to give you an answer, and there are so many good results now for treating many kinds of cancer - just need to figure out what kind it is!