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If the tooth be known

              This post month I have re-learnt the amazing impact that sore infected teeth have. I guess chronic pain from any source is a drain on a body.  There  have been quite a number of patients, young (like 3) and old (like 15 years old) that have needed large numbers of terribly diseased teeth extracted. Without fail I have heard back from their owners " he's playing like a kitten!" or "Now she eats more and I can't fill her up!" and "It's like I got a new pup!". Of course the horrible smell is gone from the pets mouth, which is better for the owners, as pets often like to breathe on us!

                To check your pets teeth, make sure you examine the gum line at the top of the tooth. Pull the edges of lips at the back of the mouth as far back as possible and upward to check the molars, (or ask us!) By the way the only 2 ways to keep teeth clean are brushing daily or feeding a dental specific (how it's made) diet.

                We had a good turnout for out 'howl-a-ween' party and even went for a walk in the drizzle. The scenery has been spectacular this fall and even on that soggy Saturday it was such a pleasure to view.  Dogs don't care! And the cats-well- they stuck to Facebook.