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Slowing Down the Aging Process of the Brain

Since our pets are living longer now (cats 16-22 yrs, dogs 15 yrs or so!) we are seeing more patients with older brains! Once all other physical organ problems are ruled out, we can help their aging brain. Signs of cognitive dysfunction include: less play, staring into space, being more apathetic, home soiling (especially cats) anxiety or grumpiness and being awake at night instead of during the day.

If you notice these signs just starting, and there are no serious physical issues, it helps to add structure and routine (like for puppies and kittens) and environmental enrichment. Enrichment means things like rotating toys, playing with other pets, exercise, teaching new tricks, catnip or other new scents, sounds and sights and hiding treats. Keeping them awake during the day may also be in order.

There is also a brain diet available and proven medication therapy to help, and to aid in sleep. Call the clinic if you are interested in investigating the options for your senior pet!

        Toad is 20 years old. Age is not a disease!!