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Teeth, Ticks and Treats

February is well under-way, soon it will be March, wow! Depending on the weather we may have to start tick prevention soon. They come out when it is above 3*C in snow-bare places, which is lots of places right now, so we can help you make the decision as to whether or not your dog needs tick protection yet as the month goes on (it can depend on lifestyle and demographics). We are anticipating a lot of patients starting Bravcto early - Stay tuned!!!

February is also the month that we like to focus on oral health - Dental Month! As with humans, oral health can be linked causal or effect, to the health of the whole animal. Please take a look in your pet's mouth and at the surface of their teeth. You are welcome to come in for help, just give us a call first!

One final note, after attending the OVMA conference and listening to a board certified veterinary nutritionist (Dr. Lisa Freeman), she provided some great advice. There are a lot of confusing, incomplete and often biased information on the internet. She gave us a couple of TRUSTWORTHY websites to pass on. I believe people really want to do their best with their companion animals but the truth is pet obesity is STILL on the rise in North America. We need to realize a lot of daily calories may be coming from things other then the balanced pet food they should be getting. Please ask the veterinarian about how much your pet should be getting fed at your next appointment!