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Keeping Fit When You're Froze

Between ice and cold weather, our pets (and us!) have been “hunkering down”. This does lead to some of our pets really feeling the pain of any arthritis, becoming more constipated and for cats, more likely to block up their urinary tract. Any exercise helps this. For humans even getting up from your desk for a short walk every hour is supposed to reverse destructive metabolic aging changes! So please, make those cats run after their kibble that you toss for them, throw soft toys in the house for pets to chase or bundle up and get out there everyone!

Some of our pets, I was noting to Alyssa (Tanya’s replacement) are getting to be 17 years old or more! If pain flares up, keep them warm, come and get an appropriate pain medication (cat and dog) and when they are ready, get them moving again! For older cats, create a walk in litter box from a big storage bin that has 1 side cut down and litter at the far end only. We also have a wonderful therapeutic laser for those really seized-up backs and joints!

Happy New Year Everyone Dr. Barb O’Neill