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Christmas Time

Merry Christmas Everyone! We're fast approaching the famous December day. Hope you saw us marching in the parade with the real dogs all lit up and jingly, and the pretend dog Dr. Paul waving his big "Santa Paws".

We want to again warn you about household dangers at this time of year. For dogs, the #1 is chocolate, which they will go to great lengths to dig out. They can smell through bags and wrappers no problem, which goes for other people-food and their own treats as well! Also, never leave the cookie plate, or dinner, on the table unattended if they can at all reach it. Be aware that some artificial sweeteners and some nuts can be toxic as well.

For cats, those (play-a-holics), it's tinsel and tree decorations - hang them up higher then usual. Cats also like to chew on electrical cords, not good chew toys! If your kitten is new, you may have to be there at all times to supervise - watch out for candles as well. Keep in mind, Poinsettias and mistletoe are poisonous for cats. You may need to keep them confined to different parts of the house if you have a troublemaker.

By the way, ticks are still out!!! Get another month of protection!