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Swimming, Swimming

What better way to beat the heat?  Dogs, people, even some cats enjoy it!  The water this year seems clean and now warm in rivers, lakes and pools and mostly there are no problems for our health.

What sometimes happens in our patients however,  is a bacterial build up on the skin ending up in odour and even itchy skin, plus or minus sores. Some dogs dive for rocks at  the bottom  and NEVER get ear infections, but some do. The difference in patient sensitivies can be traced to immune system and allergies! 

While it is summer swimming season it is also the growing season for plants like ragweed, grasses and other allergens.

What can you so? Keeping the hair coat shorts really helps. Bathing weekly with an antibacterial shampoo and coolish water ( not lake water ) . Pre - load allergic pets with omega - 3 fatty acids and sometimes antihistamine or other prescribed medications also helps. Making sure pets are flea - free preventatively also helps keep skin healthy.