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  • Ticks, Heartworm, Fleas.. Oh My!
    Yikes! Not Heartworm too!As if ticks weren't enough of a plague in our backyards, we have been turning up more heartworm cases lately too! The coyote and fox populations may Read more
  • Dr. Barb - Thoughts From The Conference
    I just returned from 3 days away at the annual conference for Ontario Veterinarians in Toronto. As usual I am re-infused with enthusiasm and appreciation for the profession, the animals Read more
  • The Hidden Nasty
    Have you ever had a tooth ache - I mean a REAL toothache? When you need a root canal? I have, and I understand why people in countries where there Read more
  • Fall Blog
    I am a little late blogging this fall, but now that our Farley "Howl-a-ween" party is wrapped up I want to again say THANK YOU. From Joan Yamamoto who swam Read more
  • To leave it or remove it........
    I'd like to share thoughts about a common scenario - an older dog with a lump that keeps slowly growing. "All of a sudden" (sort of) the owner is faced Read more
    After taking my own dog for an off leash walk recently, that ended up literally in a fox chase, I was reminded of how quickly we and our pets can Read more
  • Happy and Healthy - Woohoo!!
    Dr. Paul and I have just come back from a "First to know" presentation about a new product that is going to help our pets so much. It is a Read more
  • It's a matter of the Heart
    Not only are the ticks bad around here but we are seeing more heartworm this year too. Definitely not as bad as pets living in the southern USA but it's Read more
  • Teals Story
    Lyme Disease and Teal, By Dr. Barb O'NeillI would like to share with everyone the latest on the ever-changing information about Lyme Disease because of Teal. Teal was a 4 Read more