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Dog sitting in the snow

About Us

A husband and wife walking in a park with their golden retriever as the dad and mom are smiling and holding (dad) their toddler.

We Put Your Pet First

Our goal is to provide you with veterinary care that assists your pet in living the longest, healthiest life possible. We offer exceptional Veterinary Client Communication to assist you in making the most informed decisions for your pet. We endeavor to help you and your pet enjoy the best veterinary visit possible. At Gananoque Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to treating your pets like the valued family members they are.

Rabbit being held

Pets We Care For

We Welcome Animals of All Varieties Including:

Cats and Dogs

Exotic Pets: Birds, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, Rodents (rats, hamsters, gerbils, etc.), Arachnids, Fish, and Bees

Reptiles: Snakes, Frogs/Toads, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, Iguanas, Turtles, and Tortoise

Livestock: Pigs