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Gananoque Veterinary Clinic

Behaviour Consultation

Behavioral medicine focuses on the physical and emotional health of domestic animals so they can determine the cause of a behavioral problem.


Sometimes unwanted behaviours are hard to handle. We can schedule 1 hour appointments with you and your pet. We will go through many different senarios and options for whats troubling your pet family member. We use positive rewards, and desensitization. We believe there is always something we can do to make you and your pet live more happily together.

Why should I consider behavioral medicine for my pet?

The goal of behavioral medicine is to diagnose the physical or emotional condition and to enable the pet owner and pet to lead happier and safer lives.

The types of conditions veterinary behavioral medicine treats are: fears and anxiety, aggression, bathroom accidents, compulsive or repetitive behaviors, cognitive dysfunction, basic manners, and socialization.

When should I consider behavioral medicine for my pet?

If your pet is behaving in an undesirable way or you believe your pets behavior puts them or others at risk, then you should consider seeing a behavioral specialist.

How is my pet cared for during behavioral medicine therapy?

There are many types of behavioral therapy to treat your pets depending on what behavior they are displaying. This is done under strict supervision and they are given plenty of space. These protocols can help your pet become more comfortable when surrounded by other pets and humans.

For more information, please contact us and we will help you understand and address your pet’s behaviors.